My process consists of woodworking and painting. I construct shapes in ways
that extend beyond known existing geometric shapes. I find working through my
process, a constant experimentation and constant discovery from the various
materials and tools I use. It’s a psychological exercise, like solving a strategic game
with a specific equation because every shape has its own challenge and rules. The
shape’s design is inspired from any thought out of my subconscious. The notion
that its “Any shape and the shape of any idea. It’s a visual metaphor to the
Universal nature of music inspiration, in which there’s music about everything.
The frames are an extension of the shapes within and presents itself as a melody
through each cut side.

I grew up around carpentry, observing and working with my dad and my uncle
working on houses. I love how every piece to a build matters no matter how small
a part or measurement it may be.
It’s like a domino effect, in which one piece affects another. Every part has a role
and function to make the design work efficiently.
I've worked in manufacturing jobs involving custom signage, picture framing, and
furniture design. I then took fabricating methods from each of those jobs to apply
to my own craft.
I have come to understand as an artist, experiencing and exposure in the
everyday living shapes you see and approach your art.